What We Do

First Ask Yourself...

  • Is your brand technology horizon truly unknown?
  • Are you employing clinical research to advance your brand equity?
  • Are you uncertain how to boost the technical potential of your brands?
  • Are you solely dependent on internal sources for new ideas?
  • Have you considered doing technical brand due diligence?
  • Are you leveraging all biomedical insights into the consumer's problems to support new claims?
  • Would review of your R&D organization further advance innovation?
  • Would an independent perspective of tactics accelerate business objectives?
  • If your technical resources are limited would external input or oversight be of value?

For Senior Management

  • Independent wide-angle technical innovation
  • How to fill technology gaps
  • How to organize and staff R&D
  • How and where to find innovation
  • Independent advisory on drugs and technology
  • Opinion on latent clinical and regulatory risks
  • Vet or mentor senior R&D staff

For Brand Management

  • Discover new technology to fill unmet needs
  • Evaluate brands for their technical superiority
  • Create tactical approaches to regulatory constraints
  • Design technical/clinical support of product claims
  • Communicate the medical basis of how products work
  • Create customized clinical protocols to support brand superiority
  • Discover biomedical insights to unlock new claims opportunities
  • Vet new technology, brand acquisitions, competitive claims
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