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What We Do

At On Point Advisors we welcome any challenge related to consumer health care, particularly challenges that cut across functions, or demand new thinking. Examples include business development of your brand, aligning technology with brand extensions or claims, searching out new technology and concepts, operational due diligence, brand innovation, defending brands against competitive attack, or advising retailers, private equity investors, Rx-without-an-OTC division companies, or OTC start-up companies on how to best develop OTC brands and brand technology. In addition our clients have used us to locate and screen expert witnesses, assess Rx switches, solve regulatory impasses, interpret clinical trial data or design, or attend tradeshows in search of new technology.

For those who may not have access to brand-driven technical creativity, or who want to inject new external thinking into growing their brands accessing our deep corporate experience is highly cost effective for brand managers, marketing directors, business developers, and others who need to move quickly to grow consumer healthcare brands. We welcome all challenges.

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