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Understanding the Common Cold:  Its Viruses, Symptoms and Treatments

Since joining industry Dr. Riker has collaborated with leading academic investigators on understanding of the pathogenesis of the common cold and the evolution of symptoms over time. One example of these investigations published in the New England Journal of Medicine used CT scanning to demonstrate that the common cold can produce significant acute viral sinusitis in healthy young adults justifying the use of decongestants and encouraging the reduced use of antibiotics now a more common practice.  Another study published in 2015 conducted over a 4-year period described the co-evolution of colds symptoms over time providing a rationale for the use of multi-symptom relief (MSR) products to treat the common cold.  A complete reference list of all Dr. Riker's publications on the upper respiratory illness (URI's), the common cold, allergic rhinitis, and the sedation profile of antihistamines is available here .

Supporting Current Consumer Colds Products

Over several decades in the CHC industry Dr. Riker has supported the efficacy of commercial colds brands, most notably Vicks and Nyquil. Since then clients of On Point Advisors, LLC, recognizing his long history of clinical investigation into understanding upper respiratory viral illness and its treatment, have sought him out.  His clinical research experience has covered the understanding of respiratory viruses, how the disease evolves, evaluation of new technology, proof of product efficacy, support of claims, and estimating the OTC potential of Rx drugs to treat the common cold.  

Evaluating New Colds Technology

More recently On Point Advisors, LLC has been engaged by OTC marketers of new branded colds products both in the US and overseas to advise them on the conduct of large clinical trials to support efficacy and approval.  We encourage any holder of new or emerging colds technology to contact us if seeking clinical support, acquiring colds technology, or searching for new technology.

The Coronavirus Outbreak

The emergence of a new Coronavirus strain reminds the world that respiratory illness caused by emergent viruses will remain a serious threat.  Sufferers of mild disease will inevitably purchase symptomatic treatments and seek technologies to reduce transmission or abolish infectiousness of virus particles on surfaces or in the air.  The consumer healthcare industry must participate in providing these solutions.

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