Dr. Donald Kay Riker

At On Point Advisors, LLC we encourage you to challenge us with a problem.  We are happy to customize a response, provide estimates, reframe the question, or recommend someone better able to solve it.

Dr. Riker is available as:

  • Consultant
  • Entrepreneur
  • Scientific advisor
  • Board member

As expert generalists in consumer health & beauty care we are able to address issues that cut across functions often framing the solutions, or providing unique direction, including recommending in-depth functional expertise.

Strategy, tactics, vision, creativity, seamless flexibility, all in one place. We stand ready to “Listen” then “Think” and finally “Advise”… that’s us.

Who We Are

On Point Advisors, LLC is a consumer healthcare consultancy reflecting a lifetime of diverse management and entrepreneurial roles in the industry. We welcome any challenge; we thrive at the interface. A few examples of past assignments include: finding innovation for brands, reviewing claims or supporting them, clinical trial design for OTC’s, tradeshow coverage, transfer of manufacturing to CMO’s, product ideation, and operational due diligence. More importantly marketing management has relied on Dr. Riker’s technical assessment of many breakthrough innovations including naproxen (Aleve®) and omeprazole (Prilosec OTC®) switches. Moreover, the recent emergence of TENS devices as a new segment of the OTC analgesic category originated with his 2005 vision that TENS devices ought to be available to consumers and led to recent branded launches in the retail channel.

In The News

  • “An active ingredient in most of these pain-relief patches is menthol, which creates a warming sensation that jams the nervous system's receptors for pain, says Don Riker, president of On Point Advisors LLC, a healthcare consultant. "It's like wasabi to the skin," Mr. Riker says..."

    “OTC brand consultant Donald Riker said the combination of being linked to the NyQuil brand and having a single-ingredient formulation could position ZzzQuil well in the marketplace...the whole point of Nyquil was to relieve symptoms so you could rest, but now P&G is trying to shoehorn NyQuil into a narrower sleep-aid positioning, Riker said...the real competition is Advil PM and Tylenol PM..."

  • “Don Riker…said: ‘This is probably a smart move on everybody’s part. It’s the kind of niche Chattem has a long history of acquiring and growing. For J&J it allows them to refocus on Tylenol and not be distracted by smaller niche brands"

    “Sanofi-Aventis' $1.9 billion bid for OTC and personal care product firm Chattem offers the French firm a coveted toehold in the sizeable U.S. consumer health care market while also opening potential opportunities in emerging markets…"

    The Tan Sheet
    04 January, 2010
  • “Sanofi-Aventis will need to build an infrastructure geared to Rx-to-OTC switch in order to make a successful U.S. consumer business out of its planned acquisition of Chattem and become established as a switch player…"

    The Tan Sheet
    04 January, 2010

    “I think this is unprecedented," said Don Riker, OTC drug consultant and publisher of the OTCProductNews blog. "I'm not sure there's ever been a case where you've had so much destocking of a brand for such a long period of time..."

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